Creativity on Tap


They say that the best way to write a blog is with regular/on time/weekly/daily – whatever – posts, but unfortunately for me,creativity doesn’t come on tap.

My practise is splintered by irregularity – I can be immersed in work for days, or spend a week – more – pottering. Making coffee,reading, wandering, tidying up.

Art for me is not instant. We are not computers; there is no switch to flick, and time – measured, passed, lost, is all a part of making. The appreciation is not often instant either, art is not necessarily meant to be observed, decoded and understood in an instant, moving immediately onto the next.

In that way, Kirkcudbright is just right. Nothing is immediate, and everything takes time. And that’s the way it should be, has to be, before I make anything worth a second glance.

6 thoughts on “Creativity on Tap

  1. bena stutchbury says:

    I am like that with architecture. I cannot just sit down and draw – I have to go to the drawing board when something has formed in my thoughts and grows so clear that I just have to draw it to get it out of my head…. In the meantime I cook, mkae tea, walk the dogs…..etc etc.

  2. katiejand says:

    In our age of the ‘instant’, instant media, instant shopping, instant social networking – I feel that the more human aspects such as creativity, are being expected to be instant too… we need more processing time and time out to truly connect with the inspiration that surrounds us all – thank you both for your comments!

  3. nicolelynnjones says:

    Love this! I just started my blog, so I initially have a lot to share in terms of completed work. I fear; however, I will not be able to keep up with regular posts. It often takes months or longer for me to complete a body of work.

    Thanks for liking some of my work, by the way. I like what you have going on here.

    1. katiejand says:

      Thank you, I am much the same so because I am keeping the blog for the course of a residency so I have posted a lot of works in progress, sketchbook things and others – good luck with your own blog!

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