Sound and audio has been a developing strand in my work, and features in several of my installation and sculptural works, starting with Voices from the Phone Box (2013) to Sound Horn, and installations and recordings for The Stove Network including Art in Public Space (2019) and Common Cause: A guided audio walk (2019). I’ve also undertaken two research and development residencies at Cove Park (2019 and 2020), supported by the wonderful Cryptic Glasgow.

I’m interested in constructed soundscapes, archival and field recordings and conversational practice, creating works that ebb and flow, and allow audiences and participants to experience our environments from new audible perspectives.

Casting and Object Making

A key aspect of my creative practice involves practical object making, using making skills that I have built up through my studio practice. I have a particular interest in casting and mould making, using themes of replication and repetition in my work as means to explore a wide variety of materials and narratives.

I enjoy the opportunity to work particularly with bronze and metal casting, and aim to do most of my own mould making and casting work, either from my studio or working in partnership with other makers, artists and studios.

I have created outdoors  public art pieces and smaller scale work for exhibition, installation or permanent collections, working with a wide range of materials including copper, bronze, ceramic, glass, unfired clay, salt, ice and plaster.

I have also run numerous workshops exploring casting and mould making with school groups, youth groups and emerging artists. In collaboration with artist-maker Uula Jero we created a pedal powered foundry in 2014 which I have subsequently toured to various venues including colleges and metalworking events to host hands-on demonstrations and live-pouring projects.


Sign writing, text and lettering feature throughout my creative practice, from a basic interest to communicate the finer details of the narratives of my work, through to looking to participate in the dialogue of urban spaces by interacting with the traditional visual language of high streets and town centres. Projects have included building signboards and shop fronts, temporary signs of all sizes, vans, site signage for festivals and intimate, discreet works such as the collection cabinets created for the new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in 2018.

In 2018 I co-founded the Dumfries Women’s Signwriting Squad, an all female group of freelancers developing sign writing and hand lettering work in Dumfries. We are available for commissions and projects locally, find us on Instagram or get in touch for details.

As part of the Conversing Building project at the Stove, I lead occasional open studio and workshop days for those interested in learning some of the basics and embracing a love for practicing letters and a bit of joy for creating signs for everything from parades to protests, displays for community centres, art schools, public parks, or high streets. No experience is required, just a steady hand and a bit of patience.