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Land Form Plastic

Every artists action leaves behind it a material trace.

New work that I have been developing is being exhibited as part of an upcoming show at the newly refurbished Kirkcudbright Galleries.

The group show, Energise, curated by Upland opens 13th October and runs for a month until 9th December.

Full details available here

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I had a quote for here, but I lost it. 

Either way, I’ve been here lots of times trying to find a work that fitted the space. Mistake, as usual. Now making the work for the space. It’s great to be feeling excited and enthused about something. Needless to say, I need this weather to hang about for another week or so to get this finished up. Spare camera crews welcome!

Reflecting over one shoulder, looking forward over the other

WASPS has been amazing

The insight and enthusiasm shared by the other artists

The encouragement that has surrounded me for 12 months

The opportunities that have opened up around me

The breathing space it has allowed me – to stretch, to test, to push at boundaries, to find the makings of a path

Thank you to everyone who has helped out along the way the last year (stovies included!), thanks to the WASPS studios and to the Holywood Trust for their support – I couldn’t have had a better start!


Bouncy ball amongst the seaweed

But now it is time to look ahead, to keep on towards the horizon, seek out new challenges and find new boundaries to test. The excitement doesn’t stop here!

It is time to right the life-petrol balance in my work, as my studio becomes my home and my home becomes my studio, the life-art practise boundaries need broken down and melded together. Although this blog was set out to document my year long residency in Kirkcudbright the decision came somewhat subconsciously without consideration to continue to update regularly with the happenings of my studio practise, wherever it may be – stay tuned!

Summer Show – A little insight



Sneak peak of some of the work in the Town Hall summer exhibition. The electric cups (as I have decided they must be called) are taken from an object lent to me by a Kirkcudbright local following on from my mad gibbering about object collections. There is something lovely about them and their nice shape – finding a whole one has gone on my art-object-finds want list!!

Cannonwalls 2013 – (the tiled floor cast) has been sitting about undetected for a while, I quite like it. And am becoming a bit of a tile pattern freak now I’ve started to notice everyones lovely tiled hallways a bit more (our own included). Latex. Not like I’m copying the lovely Mairi Singleton  and her mad latex obsession, but it does turn out to have it’s uses now I’ve spent the past six months tripping over the tub of it.


The lightbulbs have moved indoors (temporarily). And the greenery has attempted (so far completely unsuccessfully) to move indoors as well. (Show’s been open 7 days and so far one dead tree, potentially one half dead tree). However it’s adding a nice bit of green inbetween the dying stages. I’d had a thought that if it died it could ‘add’ something beautiful until I realised that trees don’t just go from beautiful and green to elegant and bare branched, but rather flail about in a droopy, neglected manner for long periods in the middle which is neither attractive nor conceptually helpful. Sigh.

The show is open 10 til 5 every day, no excuses folks – and I’ll be in one day a week to answer all your questions. I’m far less likely to fall asleep with a bit of gentle persuasion. 


Summer Exhibition – One week to go!

No time to stand and stare! A couple of days off and then back to the studio, which feels like I’ve barely been there for the past week or so whilst all the Guid Nychburris shenanigans have been kicking off. However, onwards is the theme for me this summer so onwards we head. 
Next off, the WASPS annual summer show in the Lesser Town Hall in Kirkcudbright.


Running from the 29th of June (next Saturday), for six whole weeks to coincide with the main exhibition up the stairs – there’s little excuse not to visit. The walls are up, I’ve even thrown some paint at them in an attempt to present something bordering on respectable – but this is looking like a full on week to get things finished up. 

Spring Fling – What Happened!?

What an amazing, crazy, intense, beautiful, sunny, wet, exhilarating, exhausting, curious, interesting, enlightening weekend!

Recovery from Spring Fling will be gradual I suspect.

Folk started to arrive before 10am on the Saturday, and the flow could not be stemmed until 5.30, Monday evening when the last few of more than 800 visitors arrived damp and/or dripping – our mini summer would never have lasted all three days!

I chatted, talked, explained and began again solidly, learned to balance in the corner as my studio reached full capacity (at a push nearly 8 or 9 people can squeeze into my tiny space!), and how best to bribe small children with cakes. I met countless interesting people, spoke for hours about Phone Boxes.

Something strange happened when I parted with works which I have since realised I was actually very attached to and possibly now regret letting go so easily – and has made apparent the need for me to increase my collection now that I have lost some of my treasured pieces. The heirloom cup has gone to a new home – for better or worse – strange how attachement can build to even ‘decoy’ artefacts… New opportunities may have arisen, so the follow up for Spring Fling includes the beginnings of an e-mail chase.

I didn’t know what to expect entering into it, and now a period of stillness is required before I can properly evaluate what happened… I am now filled with desire to un-tidy my studio!







It has been said that I need to learn how to photograph my work… to look as much as the works are – this is my next mission!

Spring Fling – It’s Coming!

I have been warned, periodically, about the stress of Spring Fling. 

We have – six days left.

I may have stopped sleeping properly about two weeks ago.

Theoretically I can still get it all done in time. Theoretically.


Panicking. Me? Surely not.

The lovely Paula and I interviewed each other for the Spring Fling blog this week. It was the first opportunity in a while to talk about my work. Clearly I have a lot of work to do before next weekend!

The taster exhibition landed in Annan this week, and took off on Friday night with something of a bang. But who knew that it would be opened bang on six o’clock?! I always assumed art openings were kind of gradual things, artistic types being fashionably late… that’s not just me right?!


Never mind, it was a nice evening – and nobody looked at me like I was too much of a nutter when I gestured towards the glass golf ball in the cabinet in response to questioning!

For those of you less aware – Spring Fling arrives – regardless of whether I am ready or not!! – next weekend, 25th to the 27th of May, head to the Spring Fling website for all the details http://www.spring-fling.co.uk/artists/katie-anderson find me on the purple route, at studio 31! 

Spring Fling Sneak Peak

At long last! After many an hour/day toiling away persuading this to load – it has finally made it to the internet-sphere.
Apologies for the loose edit – some other time I might cut it a little tighter, hope it inspires a visit!

Quick Peek into my teeny studio from last weekend!

I’m not quite sure how to make my camera more happy about the panning business, but none the less – a good visual indicator of my studio on a ridiculously-tidy day!

Open Studios – 2 … Prep for Spring Fling is underway!

Sometimes blogging slips my mind. Another open studios weekend has come and gone. Nearly 80 visitors, a lot of questions, answers, followed by more questions, coffee and headaches later… and I honestly feel too tired to care. 

I met another Katie Anderson – an artist too! Yikes, may have to start introducing my middle name into the game… her studio is just two miles from my own!


I collect roads.

I’ve been filled with positive feedback and general interest (if a few raised eyebrows) – so it’s looking onwards and upwards. Reflecting back on my last open studios event in December.. a LOT has changed. And all for the better too, it’s starting to feel more like what I want to be making, and I’ve spent most of the day talking about my installations in process rather than rambling about conkers! Direction has been re-focused and I am ready to jump into tomorrow – August is drawing close and time is running on by, but the final installations are starting to form in my mind – and will soon be within grasp!


I love honesty!!!! Time to get some LED’s on the go?


read the text! it’s relevant 😉
oh beautiful glass, how I love thee (and beautiful sunshine – I love that too!)