Site specific Casting

Site specific Casting

Not sand castles, but another casting attempt down on Powfoot shore. More to follow, the scale needs to go up a gear yet, so hopefully the next attempt will be early this week. Although the slight downside has been the mildly minty dentist smell that now inhabits my studio.

At last I have managed to find some lost golf balls – not just one but five in two days, after a week of fruitless hunting. They are rolling about, in the back of the car boot, in pockets, in the studio… TS Eliot’s Choruses From the Rock is still on my mind, although less religion focused than many of the works following.

In 6 weeks time, my studio will be open for the weekend. It’s the necessary boost – a deadline – that I need; the push, and focus to complete all the half finished ideas I have sitting on various back burners.

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