My practice as an artist is about establishing projects alongside, and as part of, communities – creating work that has its foundations in a sense of place. Previous projects include permanent public artworks, temporary site-specific or participatory works, sculpture, hand lettering, and sound based installations. A diverse collection of skills and making processes allow me to approach a wide variety of contexts, ideas and peoples by applying the most appropriate skill set to a project.

I’m interested in the role that artists and creative actions can play in activating spaces, energising those involved in its production and inspiring new ways of approaching challenging conversations or experimental ideas, and these interests drive the projects that I develop – both as part of an individual practice and through my collaborative working with a variety of people.

Through my work I have learned the importance of community in co-creation and imagining creative practice, the idea that art has the power to change lives and give people a voice in re-imagining their local environments and communities. 

I’ve built much of my experience over the past 10 years as part of The Stove Network and have played a role influencing the direction of the organisation, and equally have been influenced and inspired by all of the artists, communities and generally amazing folk I’ve been able to work with and meet through our creative conversations in Dumfries and the wider region.