My work is an embedded practice of settling, establishing projects alongside and as part of communities, creating work that has its foundations in a sense of place.

I am often at once artist, curator, maker, participant, producer, citizen and explorer.

Previous projects include permanent public artworks, temporary site-specific or participatory works, sculpture, lettering and sound based installations.

The work is led by Process and Narrative as an applied methodology; creating communal and collective spaces for sharing, inviting others into the creative process and as a means of ‘taking care’ – investing in a strongmaterial focus and making skills that I have built up through my studio practice.

Curation and Gathering are simply a means by which to make on a larger scale. This can include making space for, or creating place for people to gather and linger. I create this with the same authenticity, the same drive and consideration as I approach all of my artworks. This is my artistic contribution to a wider collaborative project.

Creativity is a means of exploring our identity, environment and belonging to a place. I aim for creative process to be a means of problem solving and discovery, opening the opportunity to be part of a wider social dialogue.

Work featured here includes my own studio practice, as well as reflections on collaborative projects – particularly as part of the Stove Network – where I have been a part of the Curatorial Team for the past six years. The Stove is a creative organisation based in Dumfries town centre, running an open community space and projects that hope to inspire and activate positive change for the future of the town and region.

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