Open Studios – 2 … Prep for Spring Fling is underway!

Sometimes blogging slips my mind. Another open studios weekend has come and gone. Nearly 80 visitors, a lot of questions, answers, followed by more questions, coffee and headaches later… and I honestly feel too tired to care. 

I met another Katie Anderson – an artist too! Yikes, may have to start introducing my middle name into the game… her studio is just two miles from my own!

I collect roads.

I’ve been filled with positive feedback and general interest (if a few raised eyebrows) – so it’s looking onwards and upwards. Reflecting back on my last open studios event in December.. a LOT has changed. And all for the better too, it’s starting to feel more like what I want to be making, and I’ve spent most of the day talking about my installations in process rather than rambling about conkers! Direction has been re-focused and I am ready to jump into tomorrow – August is drawing close and time is running on by, but the final installations are starting to form in my mind – and will soon be within grasp!

I love honesty!!!! Time to get some LED’s on the go?
read the text! it’s relevant 😉
oh beautiful glass, how I love thee (and beautiful sunshine – I love that too!)

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