Reflecting over one shoulder, looking forward over the other

WASPS has been amazing

The insight and enthusiasm shared by the other artists

The encouragement that has surrounded me for 12 months

The opportunities that have opened up around me

The breathing space it has allowed me – to stretch, to test, to push at boundaries, to find the makings of a path

Thank you to everyone who has helped out along the way the last year (stovies included!), thanks to the WASPS studios and to the Holywood Trust for their support – I couldn’t have had a better start!

Bouncy ball amongst the seaweed

But now it is time to look ahead, to keep on towards the horizon, seek out new challenges and find new boundaries to test. The excitement doesn’t stop here!

It is time to right the life-petrol balance in my work, as my studio becomes my home and my home becomes my studio, the life-art practise boundaries need broken down and melded together. Although this blog was set out to document my year long residency in Kirkcudbright the decision came somewhat subconsciously without consideration to continue to update regularly with the happenings of my studio practise, wherever it may be – stay tuned!

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