Spring Fling – What Happened!?

What an amazing, crazy, intense, beautiful, sunny, wet, exhilarating, exhausting, curious, interesting, enlightening weekend!

Recovery from Spring Fling will be gradual I suspect.

Folk started to arrive before 10am on the Saturday, and the flow could not be stemmed until 5.30, Monday evening when the last few of more than 800 visitors arrived damp and/or dripping – our mini summer would never have lasted all three days!

I chatted, talked, explained and began again solidly, learned to balance in the corner as my studio reached full capacity (at a push nearly 8 or 9 people can squeeze into my tiny space!), and how best to bribe small children with cakes. I met countless interesting people, spoke for hours about Phone Boxes.

Something strange happened when I parted with works which I have since realised I was actually very attached to and possibly now regret letting go so easily – and has made apparent the need for me to increase my collection now that I have lost some of my treasured pieces. The heirloom cup has gone to a new home – for better or worse – strange how attachement can build to even ‘decoy’ artefacts… New opportunities may have arisen, so the follow up for Spring Fling includes the beginnings of an e-mail chase.

I didn’t know what to expect entering into it, and now a period of stillness is required before I can properly evaluate what happened… I am now filled with desire to un-tidy my studio!







It has been said that I need to learn how to photograph my work… to look as much as the works are – this is my next mission!

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