Hidden in plain sight.


Dumfries’ smallest gallery is now on the high street, the Niches, has now been up and running for a few months showing a curated, rolling programme of individual works and installations from local artists.


Thanks to the anonymous curators, two of my works feature in the gallery’s two spaces, Sound Out – a developmental work using found objects explores messages in bottles, and my old favourites, the TS Eliot inspired golf balls. The golf balls are cast glass, and the solar powered fairy lights hopefully give the work a little lift in the early evening.

‘And the wind shall say: “Here were a decent godless people
Their only monument the asphalt road
And a thousand lost golf balls.”‘

The TS Eliot piece will be in place until the end of September, and Sound Out will stay until the end of October.

Take a closer look.

The location? The Midsteeple, tucked in what were previously cases for a barometer and thermometer. Anyone who can remember the cases having instruments in them, or knows any more about the Niches, I’d be interested to hear!

5 thoughts on “Niches

  1. bee says:

    hi i am trying to track down the whereabouts of the barometer also did you manage to find out where it went? it was an oak cased stick barometer of about 1840/50 whowever has the keys should know. could you let me know anything you find out.

    1. Katie Anderson says:

      Hi Bee,
      I don’t have access to the keys, I was invited to place work in the Niches last year. I did ask at the time about the original barometer and thermometer, however the curators did not know about what had happened to them. Have you asked at the Midsteeple Box Office? Presumably they also hold keys.

      1. bee says:

        i take it then the case was empty when the the curators got the keys. when was that? thanks. they presumably are old keys so dont imagine there will be lots of sets

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