The Stove’s Pedal Powered Foundry

Participatory Art
Dumfries and Galloway.

A collaborative project supported by The Stove Network with artist-maker Uula Jero, to create a mobile pedal powered foundry for use in public to share live mould making and metal casting. The Pedal Powered Foundry was created to deliver two workshops during the Summer of 2014, one at Nithraid 2014 creating commemorative coins in pewter, and a second as part of The Stove’s Trading Journeys project in Wigtown, creating aluminium spoons as part of a larger narrative.

The Foundry kit is now used for various projects, both in collaboration with The Stove and independently as a tool for sharing ideas and skills focused on metal casting.

Read more about Trading Journeys here.

Image credits: Colin Tennant.

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