PARKing Space

October 2014
Curator and Producer, Three Day Installation and accompanying programme
Dumfries, Scotland.

From street games to street food, Parking Space explored a town centre location that some locals had not ventured into the depths of, as well as creating a space for artists, skaters and members of the public to come together and experience the familiar in an entirely unfamiliar light.

For two days in October the project took occupation of an under-used underground car park in the town centre. Kicking the event off with the Stove Network’s AGM, and a discussion evening over stovies led by Open Jar Collective. The weekend saw the creation of a full size cinema (complete with roller-skating usherettes), a temporary skate park, and film and moving image installation works by artists John Wallace, Colin Tennant, Emma Dove and Mark Lyken.

More information available over on The Stove website here.

Image credits: Galina Walls and Colin Tennant.

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