Permanent Public Artwork
Lochside, Dumfries.

A public art commission to create new work for the Meadows housing estate in Lochside, Dumfries, supported by the Stove Network. The work comprises a collection of concrete and bronze cast pieces, alongside a 12 month programme of tattie themed events and activities with local residents. Commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership.

Tattiefields was initially conceived by landscape architect Richard East of City Design Cooperative, and began from a series of discussions and memories of the site’s previous uses before houses were built there. Richard’s landscaped ridge and furrow design was the inspiration for the artworks installed exploring the humble tattie’s international links and histories.

The Tattiefields artworks were inspired by conversations and activities with local residents held over the course of 8 months, including a Tattie Buffet, Tattie Growing Competition, Tattie printing and craft workshops, community evenings … delving deeper into the history of potatoes, and the vegetables connection in the area.

The final artworks were installed and unveiled in September 2018. The maps on display on the Tattiefields columns feature locations connected with tatties across the world, alongside local landmarks. They also include a loose guide for the tattie growing season in Dumfries and Galloway.

Image credits: Galina Walls and Euan Adamson.

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