Staying and Waiting: Genome Mapping

Permanent installation featuring murals and painted panels.
Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, Dumfries.

The final of three commissioned artworks for the new DGRI hospital, for the Accident and Emergency, and Children’s departments. The hand painted installations feature six wall murals, and seven wall mounted panels, exploring mapping in various scales, from geographic landscape to human genetics. Commissioned by Dress for the Weather and Wide Open.

These are a series of maps
a series of scales,
mapping variations of scale in place.
The scales of the infinite.

The work shares an illustrative approach to map-making; of places through a contour maps, of trees through the mapping of tree rings, and of people, through chromosome mapping of the human genome, layers of a place and depth of being. As a playful abstraction of data, they are all open to interpretation and hope to provide a distraction in an otherwise busy and sometimes, stressful environment.

Image credits: Colin Tennant.

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