Conversing Building

Ongoing Project (2017-Present)
Socially engaged project including exhibition curation, temporary installations, workshops and painted works.
Dumfries, Scotland.

Conversing Building is an on-going project based at The Stove Network, 100 High Street, Dumfries.

Conversing Building began in 2017, and explores how projects and artists can interact with the Stove building and wider environments. Conversing Building considers all of the spaces in and around the Stove as potential locations for dialogue, activity and gathering, including the Stove café space, occasional exhibitions in Room 2, the stairwells and in-between spaces of the building, the closes and areas around the Stove, and the buildings main signboard – all of which are regularly changing spaces for art and activity.

The Stove café hosts regular displays and exhibitions, both as part of the Stove’s activity and featuring ‘guest’ projects and artists with visiting works, and conversational installations and displays – that seek to gather, share and create discussion in the town centre. Although not a traditional exhibition space, we welcome proposals that seek to interact and engage with our café environment.

The Conversing Building project looks to build on our social media presence through our environment – sharing information and developing ideas associated with some of the many projects based in the Stove.

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