Art in Public [Space]

May 2019
Sound installation and public programme
Dumfries, Scotland.

Lead artist and producer of a month long project, delivered as part of The Stove Network’s programme in May 2019, focused around a sound installation created using an audio archive created especially for the project. The audio archive comprised of conversations with artists and designers working within a public context across Scotland, gathered and developed over two months in the run up to the exhibition. Created for the exhibition, were a series of plaster cast sculptural speaker housings with concealed speakers.

The exhibition was accompanied by a programme of events and activities, inviting audiences to participate in discussions and activities about the current and changing roles of art in public.

The programme formed part of Conversing Building, the Stove’s on-going project that looks to interact with the building and it’s wider themes and programmes playfully, inviting those in and around the Stove building to participate.

Art in Public [Space] included:

  • An exhibition featuring seven artists, architects and designers, working across different approaches to making art for public spaces.
  • The Conversation Booth; an intimate setting in a public space for one to one conversations with an artist.
  • Discussion Evening – featuring inspirational projects in the town working to create ambitious new approaches to working in public.
  • A Guided Walking Tour of Dumfries Closes led by local historic group Mostly Ghostly.
  • Film Screening and post-film discussion of New Town Utopia.

Art in Public [Space] was part of A Year of Conversation 2019, a national project celebrating, initiating and exploring conversation in our lives.
You can download a copy of our map of Permanent Public Artworks in Dumfries here.
All images: Kirstin McEwan Photography.

You can listen to segments of the conversations recorded for the exhibition online:

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