Sound Horn at Brodie Castle

After what feels like the longest time, we are out again. Out in the environment, out in a new place, out in public. After lots of planning and careful consideration by Findhorn Bay Arts and Cryptic Glasgow, Sound Horn is making an appearance for six days at Brodie Castle, near Forres, Moray.

After months of lockdown, and isolation this is my first opportunity to work in public, in person, since March. For many of our visitors, it is their first experience of art in person in six or more months. It is a huge relief.

I was worried that the work would not hold it’s resonance post-COVID, but instead, the work has taken on a new narrative, and strangely feels more relevant than ever.

Sound Horn is located in the Victorian Shrubbery of the castle grounds which turns out to be the perfect site – the beautiful trees bring in the space, creating an enclosed, intimate environment with the safety, movement and life of the outdoors.

I speak gently with visitors, those who have travelled and then emerge, absorbed, the weight lifted, the sense of balance restored.

There are two reviews of Sound Horn at Brodie Castle, the first by Marc Hindley in the Forres Local, and the second by Keith Bruce in The Herald. You can also hear me talking about the work as part of a podcast created by Cryptic here.

Special thank you to the wonderful folk at Cryptic Glasgow and Findhorn Bay Arts for the support in making this happen in challenging times.

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