What does the Future Hold? New article featuring Barrow Tarot

Back in March, Natalie Bradbury got in touch to find out more about the Barrow Tarot, hoping to visit some of the Extreme Views events due to be hosted at the end of that month. As the world went a bit pear shaped in the weeks that followed, Natalie stayed in touch and has recently published an article exploring the revisiting of the tarot deck in contemporary art, featuring Barrow Tarot alongside some other beautiful and curious projects.

The cards’ real power, though, comes from our interaction with them. Whilst tarot is often seen either as a bit of light-hearted fun or mysticism, it can be deeply political. It can enable us to question, interpret and understand the culture and values of the society we’re in. It provides space for critique and narratives that run counter to dominant ideologies. Read in combination, tarot cards can juxtapose seemingly disparate meanings or concepts, giving both personal and social insights.”

You can read Natalie’s article in full as it appears on The Fourdrinier, an online magazine dedicated to contemporary artists working with paper here: https://www.thefourdrinier.com/what-does-the-future-hold

Special thanks to Natalie for including my work alongside this impressive list, highlighting and sharing the broad and varied differences to working with the curious world of tarot.

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