Hey Boofhead: Meet the Artist!

When I was 12 or 13, I joined a pen pal organisation connecting would be pen-friends with new contacts across the world. One of my pen pals was Amy Gardner, then living in New South Wales, Australia. Fast forward nearly 20 (!!) years, and we are still connected – having both travelled through art school on our various continents, and having met just once in person.

Amy has recently started a blog series interviewing artists and creatives, exploring their creative paths, influences and drivers. I spoke to Amy when lockdown had just begun, and everything was feeling a bit overwhelming – but it was a good moment to pause, take stock and reflect on where I had come from, and where I might be going.

“Katie Anderson is one of those people who get’s shit done. She is a prolific and determined artist who hit the ground running after art school and found her feet in a strong creative community in rural Scotland.

When I look at Katie’s work I feel grounded and transported all at once. Site specificity and community engagement are strong, mobilising components to Katie’s practice. Her work is steeped in place. One feels as though each work is firmly grounded, as though they are imbued with a soul of the soil on which they stand.”

It’s always a complete honour when someone takes the time to learn about your work, and the ambitions behind the work – and to see this reflected back from Amy – so big thanks, lady! I was so chuffed with this.

You can read Amy’s article in full here: https://www.amygardner.com.au/hey-boofhead-/2020/3/29/katie-anderson

Amy is also a talented artist and illustrator, and you can see more of her work here: https://www.amygardner.com.au


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