Residency. Part 2: Absorb

Week 1: Day 6: Part 2: Absorb.


An exposed hilltop. 360° vision. Vast expanses – above and below. A sense of perspective. That human need to mark each passing moment.


Call the signal, sound the horn. Shout loud and ring clear.


We communicated out into the ether, broadcast each soul existence; sounding out across the vast unknown.


But then.


As breath falters, a pause. And within the pause a vast infinity of it’s own.


Listen out: to the wind, to the distant traffic, to the rain, to the grass, to the insect softly passing, to the next hilltop.


The settling stage is nearing a close, and now is the moment for diving in – submerging and then, hopefully, acclimatising. The wind has been wild, and the desire to climb hills to feel the full extent of the breath is only tempered by the weather warnings. The workshops beckon. 

The wind has been wild. The wind in the woods was wilder still.

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