Residency. Part 1: Awakening

by Katie Anderson

Lumsden. Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

Week 1. Day 2.


Tap O’ Noth complete with vitrified Hill Fort


Week 1 is for Absorbing. Awakening. Gathering. Accumulating. Planning.


Trig Point S7136

Trig points have come up again. They are my main excuse to climb hills in good weather. 

Thoughts on broadcasting and sending signals outwards into the ether have all been on the cards. In lot’s of ways (other than appearance and the best weather I’ve seen in months) Aberdeenshire feels similar to D&G. I may have also found the quietest place ever, hidden away in the concave (?) shape of the Hill Fort’s remains. Nothing, not a breeze or distant traffic – only the odd insect.