When you are so busy that the world around you has slightly blurry edges

I’ve been contemplating. And improving my mould making skills. Attempt one at a ‘core’ slip cast mould. All attempts at getting a plaster mould of the bakelite telephone handset I procured from the bottomless pit of stuff that is Ebay – had so far been a complete failure, so I will be attempting to cast in multiple pieces and then attach them all together. 

Research stresses include how on earth I am going to figure workable, practical audio to emanate (correct word or is it just very late?) from within the ceramic handsets. (That also need to be changeable as and when the batteries and I argue). After that I’ve got pretty much all of it sorted out. And who to get permission off for use of their phone box. I’ve started to eye up the one in Rhonehouse instead – as it is phone free…

Urban Rural Myths are also flitting around. The aim of the phones was to provide a sort of platform for the sharing of oral knowledge/history/stories/informations in a way that is done less and less with the wonders of social media/blogs (irony?) and so forth. So I anticipate the collecting of Rural Myths and contemporary legends from now on. If you have one to share I’d love to have it.

This is sort of in line with the thinking of Radio 4’s Listening Project and although I’ve been mulling it over a while, it’s just recently become clear following what I shall now be referring to as ‘Artists in Adventures with Scientists’ (it occured to me half way through the seminar day at Cat Strand and did sort of stick in my head. Having split into groups to discuss the environment and cross over points/collaborative possibilities between science and art notions of

materialism. climate change fatigue. environment goes to hollywood. changing perceptions and attitudes. green marketing. (global cool anyone?) and the role of myths.

It all suddenly sort of clicked. I strangely woke up early the next morning and wrote down a pile of stuff instantly. I could do with inspiration like that more often! 

So perhaps, the rule of this week is if you write your blog entries too late at night – someone may notice the ramblings. I’ve also entered the ‘blogger’sphere – ferrythorn.blogspot.co.uk – is the third blog I’m working on – I could become a full time blogger yet. Check it out for the Stove’s latest project – a commission in Creetown which I’m helping out with. Boom!

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