Golf Balls, Cairnsmore of Fleet and Spring Fling



Ice Golf Balls are on their way, my new telephone has arrived, light bulbs are under production. I’m hoping for two short film pieces now by the end of this week – in between research trips to Creetown. Walking and hiking around snowy Cairnsmore of Fleet has blown away the cobwebs.

My to-do list is already enormous – January is on it’s way and I have escaped the doldrums and entered a serious time to power on with work production. This is my favourite time – when things start to click together and I start to actually get making. 

The Spring Fling artists list for 2013 has been announced. Head here for more information about my studio which will be open for the May bank holiday weekend. Time to up the pace to get everything done on time!  

2 thoughts on “Golf Balls, Cairnsmore of Fleet and Spring Fling

  1. bena stutchbury says:

    Just love those balls – are they the ice ones? They look even more fragile than that! More like light bulbs… Have you thought about casting crocus bulbs or Daffodil ones?

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