Open Studios event approaching…


The anxiety is building. And it isn’t a Christmas shopping anxiety – be it the second of December or not. Next Saturday I open my studio door to whoever happens to want to come in. I’m treating this as a marker point in my residency – a deadline, and a midway point. To assess, evaluate and progress (in theory). One of the nicest things about the past  four months has been the sense of freedom. Answering to no one has been liberating and after the close confines of university has allowed me to work without boundaries. Curiously, this release period has pushed my work back in a direction that feels more productive and this feels the right time to pause before changing tack. 



So, following conversations that have taken me a long time to follow up on – I am finally starting to take objects out into the wider world. Triangulation points got my interest a good while ago but have been on a bit of a back burner for a while now. They are outdoor plinths, ready made, site specific plinths – which is a strange sort of anti-plinth notion. At uni I always took a hostile position to the terrible MDF plinths that can swamp student shows and some gallery spaces. These on the other hand, seem different – sited as they are on various hill tops, permanent features. They should be at odds with with the landscape, these strange concrete structures, but strangely, they are absorbed into the place and their permanence makes them natural structures. 


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