The Call

May 2021
Sound and Sculpture Installation
Mill on the Fleet, Gatehouse and Greensands, Dumfries
, May 2021
Sanctuary Lab, Galloway Forest, September 2021

The Call is a sound and sculpture installation by artist Katie Anderson commissioned as part of Spring Fling Open Studios 2021 in Dumfries and Galloway.

The work is a playful investigation of space through our audible landscapes, and is a roaming artwork ‘performed’ daily during the installation by two sounders, who move the work around the grounds at the Mill on the Fleet emitting a call and response sound composition.

Visitors were invited join at any point during the performance, and stay for anywhere from 10 minutes to the duration, exploring the site with us.

Special thanks to the Upland team for commissioning this work, and for all of those who contributed vocal recordings to the project.

Photo credits: Colin Tennant, Kirstin McEwan and Bartosz Madejski
Film credits: Kirstin McEwan

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