Speak Softly

Spring 2015
Conversational artwork, including booklets and seed packets
Green Hill Gallery, Kulturschophfer, Berlin.

A work made in response to the invitation to exhibit an artwork based on low environmental impacts in Berlin. Speak Softly was a conversational work, inviting audiences at the exhibition opening in Berlin to consider the carbon footprint of transporting the work and artist to the city, with a hypothetical question, ‘how much of the area of Berlin would we need to cover in wild flowers to offset the exhibition of this work?’. Outcomes included seed packets gifted at the opening, and artist books produced afterwards to share the work.

Images: Seed Packets and stencil design, corn flowers growing in a window box of an audience member, booklet content sample.

Supported by Spring Fling Open Studios (now Upland), and Kulturschophfer, Berlin.

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