The Call: Sound and Sculptural Installation

The Call is a new sound and sculpture installation commissioned as part of this years Spring Fling Open Studios. As their traditional open studios events will not be taking place, Spring Fling have instead created two Pop Up exhibitions, at the Mill on the Fleet in Gatehouse and the Ottersburn Gallery in Dumfries.

The Call is a playful investigation of space through our audible landscapes, and will be ‘performed’ by two sounders, who will move the work around the grounds near the gallery spaces emitting a call and response sound composition.

Visitors can join at any point during the performance, and stay for anywhere from 10 minutes to the duration, and explore the site with us. Out with these performance times, the work will be available as a static installation located in the grounds of the Mill on the Fleet from 10am-4pm.

Performance Dates

Mill on the Fleet
Saturday 29th May 1pm
Sunday 30th May 1pm

Ottersburn Gallery
Saturday 5th June 1pm

Installation in-situ in the grounds at the Mill on the Fleet during opening hours 29th May – 4th June.

The work will take place outdoors and social distancing measures will be in place.  In the event of extremely bad weather, please check Upland and Spring Fling’s social media channels before travelling. Further information:

After a long and dark Winter, it would be lovely to see some of you there!

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