As part of this years Spring Fling, Marjorie Lotfi Gill was appointed as their first ever writer-in-residence, collecting, encouraging and writing the words of many across the Spring Fling weekend. My ever patient mentor Isabell, brought me along to one of Marjorie’s final sessions held at a weekly writers gathering in Edinburgh in response to various works by Isabell, Geoff Forrest, Joyce Woodcock and Kirstin Pilling. I have to admit to getting a bit distracted, but there you go:

In a new age of hipsters on penny-farthings, wearing home knit and carrying wooden cased i-phones – are these rural makers the new romantics of our time?

With a change in fashion comes a new vogue for the handmade –

– people-made –

– hand-of-the-maker –

over factory workers and lost childhoods to the darks of mass production in forgotten cities.

It’s all too easy to romanticise the maker in their rural idyll, weaving/felting/carving/polishing by the fire – the materials a call for the return to the land – the land that time forgot?

The history of material distilled, through the mysterious hands of the maker. But there are no mysteries, only ancient traditions, flecked with contemporary desire for spring-summer collections.

The craft maker.

The long developed skill of craftsmanship and its associations of human hands and natural (/nurtured?) materials, bent and shaped to the will of the maker – time bent, and time learnt.

You can read the interpretations of others on the Spring Fling blog here

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