New Coins for Lockerbie – Part 1







It’s good to try new things. I’ve recently teamed up with artists Morag McPherson and Kirsty Turpie to work in residence at Lockerbie Academy over five weeks with thanks to Spring Fling. Working with some great teachers, and three groups of first year students we’ve been exploring the history of coins, and are in the process of casting our own collection of individual Lockerbie coins with the help of the Stove’s mobile foundry.


Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 22.18.33




We’ve had a lot of chat about the use of coins, the origins of their decoration and the alteration and changing face of coins and currency.




Also a bit of chat about Lockerbie’s school emblem, the flying spur and an open book, adapted from the Johnstone (Earl of Annandale) family crest. Always be prepared.

1509765_10152682727949652_5019504030893182458_n Most popular Lockerbie iconography amongst our first years? Sheep, curling, cheese and McDonalds. Go figure. We’ve since been hard at work transfering designs to our cuttlefish moulds already to get pouring when we get back from the luxurious school Christmas holidays.

More to come!

One thought on “New Coins for Lockerbie – Part 1

  1. bena stutchbury says:

    Brilliant idea to make your own local currency. They did this in Lewes, Sussex and you could only spend it in the area, so that folk bought locally and kept the economy going. A bit insular, but, in hard times, charity begins at home. Love the Queen’s new look!

    Happy New Year, Lockabytes!


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