Mapping Annan

Last week found me sat in the football club in Annan of a Sunday afternoon, in itself a bit of an unusual occurance, and all before I even mentioned that I was there as part of a ‘scoping’ workshop, chatting to people ahead of a project we are looking to kick-start in Annan next year. More of that later.

We did have a fairly lovely afternoon at the club (thanks Annan Athletic!), but I thought it might be nice to broaden out my chat to those who couldn’t make it. (Yes, if you said you were coming at the party the night before, you owe me a comment in the box below..)

Taking my favourite starting point of looking for interesting sites and places, I asked people a few questions to add to our map of Annan. Rather than looking to map out all the normal amenities, I wanted people’s favourite or most significant spots on the town map – like a local history of the town in map form.

It’s got a bit of a way to go, but this is where you could come in.

1. Where is your favourite place in Annan?


Where is your favourite view? Is there a place in Annan that is particularly significant for you? (I’m thinking the Fish Cross is a pretty special one for ROM Cornet’s and Lasses) Perhaps it’s a personal place – your childhood home perhaps? – or a more public one – such as your favourite place to stop for an ice cream, or walk your dog.

2. If you could describe Annan in just three words, which three would you use?



They could be positive; growing, changing, everlasting, or less so – ageing, comatose, crumbling? ‘Best [in] southern Scotland’?

We also did quite a bit of chatting about how our relationship to our home town is built on knowledge, stories and names passed down through people rather than documentation. How many of these close names do you know?



Thanks to everyone for coming along last Sunday, expect to hear more about this in the future! Answers in the comments section below please, whether you are a true Annanite, or just have a bit of a connection to the place, or live somewhere at a safe distance (!) I’m open to suggestions!

4 thoughts on “Mapping Annan

  1. Julie Pepper says:

    Speaking as an “in-comer” of only the last 7 years my favourite view has to be that of the river as you come down Battery Brae. It never fails to lift my mood. I always try and drive that way home after being away visiting relatives in the South….when I see that view….I know I am home! I know the same is true for my daughter who lived here for a while. The place by the river just through the gates on the Everholm (was it the site of the old diving board?) She called it her thinking spot and would always take herself down there when she needed to think things through. On visits back to Annan now… she still goes there ….. and gazes down the river and does her thinking. And she always comes back with a smile on her face

    Three words that describe Annan for me? I AM HOME ……..I may have been born in a city but this place for me feels like the place I belong and where I should have been born! Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea…but it does it for me

    As for the names of the Closes and Courts …… I’m afraid I don’t know any of them. But I would be interested to know how they got their names. Maybe I need to chat with the older generations myself to find out more. Maybe your telephone boxes in Annan would be an interesting thought? Rather than documented history….a personal thought of days gone by? I for one would love to hear the past memories

    1. katiejand says:

      Thanks for your contribution Julie! I’ll add your suggestions to my new map, as I will anyone else who sends in contributions.

      I’ve been having a think about sharing some of the phonebox memories again, as quite a few of them have an Annan connection. I’ve a wee film I’ll get up in the near future, but once I find something to do with the audio again I’ll let you know!

  2. Don Barty says:

    Favourite place? Home. Seaforth Avenue epitomizes everything that is beautiful about the expertly-constructs sandstone terraces around the turn of the 20th century and this street is particularly appealing, also exuding an air of tranquillity – secluded, yet in the heart of the town. Other favourite places – anywhere which reminds me of Annan’ s history – the old Annan Academy on the High Street, Annan Town Hall with its Bruce statue, Annan Old Parish Curch and the Edward Irving statue.

    Favourite view? Looking out across the Solway from Seafield. Because of the light, never the same view twice – and, thinking of our past, the many battles in the course of history come to mind. And Scottish pride!

    Annan in three words? Home, community, inspiration.

  3. FEG says:

    1.Looking across the solway from Winnyrigg where the stake nets, the old viaduct and towards the Anthorn red lights are.The Lake District is in the distance and in winter it looks topped by icing sugar.There is a stiff breeze usually blowing up the estuary and is always refreshing whatever the weather.It lifts your spirit with the changing tides.
    2. Rosy, Red,Town
    3.Downies Wynd, Greencroft Wynd, Hayres Den ?

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