Annan Lantern Parade Workshops

Yet another one of those side projects, last week featured a lot of children’s workshops, as over 70 children from 2 to 14 learned how to make paper lanterns for next weeks Christmas Light’s Switch On.

19 cubs on Tuesday (who knew how much noise 19 small folk could make? – I swear I was half deaf by the end), and something of a generation game time challenge, where speed became of the essence – although 19 lanterns in just over an hour ain’t bad, and they are the speediest tidies, a whirlwind of action took to the tables and wash basins. Brill wee kids.


Friday and Saturday we took over the Corner House, and they came throughout the afternoon. Every single child managed just fine with a helping hand or two, and there are a lot of beautiful lanterns ready to take to the streets next Friday. Four remain unclaimed, to Morgan and Casey Swallow, Eleanor, and William D.H. I’ll keep them until the switch on, better find me in the Bruce car park at 5.45 on Friday night if you want them back!


There were a great muster of volunteers over the weekend, thanks go to Fiona, Rosie, Maureen, mum, Don and of course Julie – who know doubt needs a lie down after this week!


Part two to follow after the parade on Friday. If you want to take part, bring your lantern to the Bruce Car Park for 5.45pm – I’ll have lights and rods on hand. If you want to watch, the parade starts at 6pm.

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