Voices from the Phone Box – Short

It may have been a while ago, but it’s taken me until necessity called to get my tech upgraded and edit this together, for last weeks Fresh Start for the Arts Conference – that was held in Greyfriars Kirk, Dumfries. A day of celebrating what has past, welcoming in what is to come and looking upwards into the future – the place buzzed with possibility. For more on the event – they have a website http://www.freshstartforthearts.com.
To the short itself – there are a couple of dodgy transitions, and one lesser shot that somehow filled a gap, but not much more. Feedback most welcome.
This was a sort of testing, a new form of documentation for my work – photographs only tell half the story, and film allows for a more immersive experience when the work is visually subtle, and more complex in other ways. Others may follow.

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