A sense of being overwhelmed has pervaded recently. Resulting in a temporary blip in blog postings.

Although currently in the re-fueling stage, I’ve already got the map out and am planning the way forward.

Setting pace has always been something I struggle with.

But at least I’m quite good at writing lists.

It’s also the time of year when I pause, re-evaluate and plot something of a course for the next one. It’s been a pretty amazing year in all consideration – and it’s still less than a year since graduation.

First things first – I’ve got a project that needs finishing up. But momentum is building, and I am resisting the temptation to fill my temporary studio (location – top secret) with things. I am somewhat limited to what I can carry from the car park and up the stairs, which is both a suitable hint at it’s location and an encouraging factor in not moving in entirely.

A slight step back to re-examine materials, to experiment, test, push my luck are all key factors. It is also an opportunity to work without direct consideration for anyone else, temporarily, this is a bit of a relief (though I suspect it will pass).

The temporary studio is also giving me big ideas for next year, it’s taking a while to project myself forward more than a month – but at this rate it’s impossible to keep up without more of a long(er)-term goal (I reckon six to eight months in advance is probably plenty at this stage). I’ve found a whole host of new obsessions, one of which is quite mostly salt.

There is work to be done. 

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