Off to Wigtown…

And a quick post for today – for those of you book lovers, the Wigtown Book Festival begins next Friday 27th September and runs for ten days until the 6th of October. I am told to expect Wigtown to transform from peaceful, sleepy town to happening cultural centre – it’s an opportunity to meet the people behind the books, find new and unexpected treasures and … catch up with some phone boxes. 


Voices from the Phone Box is on the move, and will be unpacking in Wigtown at the end of this week. Unexpected sites in and around Wigtown will become the home for my ceramic handsets for the course of the festival, so keep your eyes (and ears) open. 

Start off in the County Buildings – and curious folk near the Bladnoch distillery should be sure and keep an eye out for a particularly nice telephone box.

It’s all stations are go this week – but for more details on the Book festival, and to see some of the other visual artists working as part of the festival be sure and check out the webpage:

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