A few thank yous

Mum (Artist Assistant, part time courier, kitchen table publisher). Matt. Leah. Jan. (Thank you all for an amazing opportunity – I hope I made the most of it (sorry about the artist’s talk thing – thanks for being the first one). Tonia. (the calm front when the police show up). Susan and John Gilbert. Joan Dodd and the other members of the Clarencefield Community Council. The open minded, friendly faced inhabitants of Clarencefield – an amazing wee village. Rob Airley: electrical genius. The Voices: Dave. Anne. Lesley. John. Paula. Ruth. Graeme. Eileen. Will. Everyone who turned up at Stormont Hall and showed both kindness and patience when I hit a sheer wall of panic. Thanks for not walking out. Friends, family, Stovies, locals, EAFS trekkers, Suvi from Finland (long distance award) who trekked to Clarencefield to stand in an old phone box and listen. Anyone who has emailed me a photo of a phone box or related information in the past six months. All I’m missing now is the phone box collection in the back garden…


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