Environmental Arts Festival Eve

by Katie Anderson

So it’s finally here – the Environmental Arts Festival kicks off tomorrow, so in case you’ve somehow missed all my repetitive reminders, Clarencefield is the place to stop by this weekend. Situated conveniently between Cinema Sark in Gretna and Glimpse near the Barony College, stop by and explore the phone box. http://www.environmentalartfestivalscotland.com/projects/voice-from-the-phone-box/ 


As ever, thank you Colin Tennant for taking much better pictures than mine!


If will also be giving an artist talk in Stormont Hall in Gretna Green tomorrow, from 4pm til 5. Phone boxes will (naturally) feature, so for some more indepth information about the project come along http://www.environmentalartfestivalscotland.com/event/artist-talk-katie-anderson-voice-from-the-phone-box/ – the hall is also the place for exhibits of Do Not Resusitate’s The Passing and the Star of Caledonia and for the first of the festival gatherings later that evening – debated lands, borders and forth will feature amongst new and traditional music. Bring it on! (The evening event is ticketed so make sure and book.)