Edinburgh Festival – ceramic handsets, they are everywhere!

I am easily distracted. May have taken a day off up to run wild round Edinburgh’s Art Festival. Conclusion: Edinburgh’s art galleries are too spread out, and it takes at least twice as long to walk anywhere because of all the other festival’s stuff going on (tripping over zombie bodies strewn across the royal mile, couldn’t find anywhere nice to eat that wasn’t already full). Actual artwork that I managed to reach (pitifully small list) included Orzco’s curious objects at the Fruitmarket (someone else with tarmac objects!!), Liversidge in the Ingleby (bit disconnected, but the marble carved gloves were beautiful) and Krjin de Koning at ECA – structured platforms installed around a collection of Eduardo Paolozzi’s work.

But look what I found!



Pandora’s Light Box is an audio guide for the visually impaired at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh created by sound artist Jung in Jung. Little ceramic cup like handsets play poetry, and visual information inspired by the galleries they are sited in. Love it! (There was also some work in a big exhibition by Nam Jun Paik, beautiful, obsessive collections of old tech but it made my head hurt – quite literally).

May be heading back again this week for a bit more exploring of the commissioned works…….


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