Erasing photographs/Erasing memories

So now that I feel pretty fried from last weeks hectic marathon of a weekend, I’ve sort of trailed about this week generally avoiding meaningful interaction with my studio in favour of going out with my horse, sitting in the sun, eating quiche (!) and catching up with family.

However, can’t keep this up for long – the next round of deadlines are looming over the hill!

In a bid to kick-start myself out of the doldrums I’ve started to muck about with some photographs (whilst also thinking about my collage to stencil design workshop next week).

Down with photoshop! 





I’m enjoying the notion that the building is being gradually eroded, both physically and in memory. As the building is reclaimed by nature and slumps into the earth, so the memories are erased. We often remember insignificant bits and pieces, but the place as a whole is being lost to history. *ramble

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