titles have never really been my thing

by Katie Anderson



Yesterday my packages came.

Today the break through came. Sometimes even simple things take an age. I’ve been trying to get the bottle out whole for two weeks. maybe more. And finally this one has come, pock marked, dimpled, with none of the prestine-ness I originally set out after. It’s exactly what I was aiming for. Although plaster isn’t the final material, more an intermediary stage. Although the plaster I have, when poured right can be quite beautiful. 

The spare plaster from the bottle I poured into a cup. The result is a beautiful interior cup cast (although I should have made more effort at photographing it for this – as always something is lost in the photograph. My objects never make it through the phase from 3D to 2D completely unscathed).



It’s maybe a little Rachel Whiteread, but I have always had a bit of a thing about her work. I remember reading that the first thing she said she had cast was a spoon and feeling delighted as that was the first thing I had cast. I don’t think she cast a strange bone/horn spoon mind you, but nevermind! This is the original spoon (one of a set of five), and this is the cast spoon. I always meant to remake it a little better but that is for another day I guess.