Settling Time

So this week has been one with a sense of progress (at last!!) My beautiful new piece of kit – a melting pot, has arrived – meaning I can finally get a shift on with some mould making…


My project for the week has been in preparation for an arts and crafts workshop at Drummuir Ice Cream Farm’s (near Dumfries) 21st Birthday celebrations on the 2nd of September. Casting plaster cows, to be painted by any interested children – or so goes the plan at the moment! So it may not be quite high art, but good practice to get back into mould making.. I’ve got 15 so far – so should have them all done in time for the 2nd! 

On my art trail of the beautiful D&G, this weeks visit was to the Mill on the Fleet exhibition centre, and Denise Zygadlo‘s exhibition Involutus Memet ( Having never been to the space before, it is an attic space of rafters and a nice light. Hidden through a maze of towering, teetering bookshelves – Zygadlo’s exhibition is a haunting, slightly uncanny installation of screen printed photocopies of the body on translucent hangings. There is a beauty in the making of her work, but on closer inspection the subject somewhat unsettling. No pictures sadly, been playing about with my new Diana+ medium format camera, so going to have to wait til they get developed!

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