Greetings from Kirkcudbright!

This will hopefully be a bit of a progress report, for my new studio space for the 12 months. Situated in Dumfries and Galloway’s artist town of Kirkcudbright, this is a spot for updates on my works progress and explorations into the art-ier side of D&G! Shifting into the world beyond uni, this is a challenge to my practice and an opportunity to develop new work in relation to new surroundings. The picturesque rural nature of D&G leaves plenty of possibility for artists in abundance, and indeed they are – as popular annual events like Spring Fling and the annual Arts Festival suggest.

On the way home I went on a hunt for the illusive sculptures at Glenkiln, I’d be honest and say I spent about three-quarters of the time lost, but did manage to bump into a couple of pieces – pictured here (I’m pretty sure anyways) is a Henry Moore, though the title of which I don’t know – did have to chase the cows off it a bit to see and scramble up the hill but quite worth it. However, it was possibly the worst signposted place ever – so will have to go back some other times equipped with various maps and things to try my luck next time.

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