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A weekend in Creetown….

Last weekend in Creetown – was fairly intense to say the least.


Friday was at the primary school. Bellows pumping, a sensation, a noise almost like rowing a creaking, wooden vessel. It was satisfactorily meditative, a repetitive movement, matching response from the charcoal furnace. Pewter ran through the afternoon, and cuttlefish were opened to reveal shiny, instant artworks, created by Creetown’s most talented bunch.

Saturday may have started off at what felt like a reasonable pace, but as the tension built and as time gathered speed – when at just past six o’clock, the mobile foundry began to perform what felt like a series of near – ritualistic moves and finally, our bell was poured.

There was silence, and for a short period it seemed that everything but the movements of Roddy and Kevin paused. The fleeting moment as the bronze emerged for the furnace, was set in, clamped lifted, poured – was both endless and instantaneous.

We retreated to the Ellangowan, and I sank gradually deeper into the furniture. Something like kiln formed glass in the slumping stage….

Sunday arrived. Misty, damp, as if the weather muffled the senses. The same wee crowd drifted down the street, as the mould was hammered away – revealing an object that feels already placed within the old blacksmith’s in Creetown. It clanged pleasingly, authentically – before being packed away to be re-tuned. The bell will return to the town shortly, chiming to a note of it’s own.


I have no idea what I am talking about in this picture….

wild bells flyer

Cancel your plans! Creetown is (officially) the place to be next Saturday. My alter-blogger-ego (thecommonty.blogspot.com and ferrythorn.blogspot.com) has been busy madly promoting the large gathering of folks to witness what is a bit of a one off, it’s not everyday we cast a new bronze bell for the village after all! For anyone who has not […]

Jump starting the studio practice

I may have skipped out a couple of blog posts… first of all the Open Studio’s flattened me a bit – and then the festive season jumped on me from behind and has continuously got in the way ever since. Thankfully, nearly everything is done for that and so I can return to the studio tomorrow (on Christmas Eve!) – with, finally, no distractions. 

The pause in work has been advantageous. A moment to take stock of everything, tidy my thoughts, rearrange them and plan the next steps. The workings of several next projects are being laid out, and my renewed enthusiasm is coming too – with the renewed focus I mentioned previously. I am scouring e-bay for some new objects – an old telephone handset is high on the list. 

During the open weekend I got chatting to someone about the light bulbs and it rekindled an interest in the possible installation of them. Initial tests have begun – and off I trundled up the hill behind Kirkcudbright to install them in the woods; but the need for scale is becoming more apparent.





I am definitely a scribbley sketcher most of the time, but a birthday present ‘

Drawing Projects: An Exploration of the Language of Drawing’ 

has been really inspiring me to draw properly again – I’ll need to get started as I have decided to write each of my projects out as proposals, with a little more strategic planning to actually get the work done on time. The next deadline is looking like being May bank holiday weekend (25th-27th 2013) but the question of finding an exhibition space to use before August in the KBT vicinity is raising some nerves already. 

In other news – I find myself in the spare time I always make helping out at the Commonty, a regional network for artists and arty types in the D&G area (I naturally advise that you check it out, blogspot or otherwise!), and hopefully into the future at the Stove! Everything is going to plan and 2013 is setting itself out to be an exciting year!