Katie Anderson

Artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice.

Voices from the Phone Box – Short

It may have been a while ago, but it’s taken me until necessity called to get my tech upgraded and edit this together, for last weeks Fresh Start for the Arts Conference – that was held in Greyfriars Kirk, Dumfries. A day of celebrating what has past, welcoming in what is to come and looking upwards into the future – the place buzzed with possibility. For more on the event – they have a website http://www.freshstartforthearts.com.
To the short itself – there are a couple of dodgy transitions, and one lesser shot that somehow filled a gap, but not much more. Feedback most welcome.
This was a sort of testing, a new form of documentation for my work – photographs only tell half the story, and film allows for a more immersive experience when the work is visually subtle, and more complex in other ways. Others may follow.

Spring Fling Sneak Peak

At long last! After many an hour/day toiling away persuading this to load – it has finally made it to the internet-sphere.
Apologies for the loose edit – some other time I might cut it a little tighter, hope it inspires a visit!

Quick Peek into my teeny studio from last weekend!

I’m not quite sure how to make my camera more happy about the panning business, but none the less – a good visual indicator of my studio on a ridiculously-tidy day!

Make Hay (or art) While the Sun Shines

haha! After many hours of importing frustration, exporting frustration and uploading frustration (this was filmed on Sunday…) it’s finally here.
Meet Golf Ball Short 1
I add it is just an initial test run… my assistant made some thing’s a little tricky (note contingency issues with the gloves!) but – it’s a start, and as they say make hay (or art?) while the sun shines.