Sign writing, text and lettering have become an increasing part of my creative practice as it continues to develop. From a basic interest to communicate the finer details of the histories and narratives of the work, through to looking to join the dialogue of urban spaces by interacting with the traditional visual language of high streets and town centres, lettering features in many of my projects. Largely self-taught, projects have included building signboards, The Stove’s van, temporary signs of all sizes, road and site signage for festivals and more intimate, discreet work such as for the collection cabinets created for the new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in 2018. Taking inspiration from the historic tradition of hand painted lettering and shop fronts, and the renaissance in sign painting and hand lettering now prolific on Instagram and in the trendier parts of towns and cities everywhere, I look to avoid vinyl and printed media in favour of text with more of a hand finished aesthetic, that embraces traditional materials, brushes and techniques employed to share a love and care for the everyday environment. More recently, I have joined the Dumfries Women’s Signwriting Squad, under the support of Glasgow based sign writer and lettering artist Rachel E Miller. We are available for commissions and projects locally, find us on Instagram or get in touch for details. As part of the Conversing Building project at the Stove, I lead sporadic open studio and workshop days for those interested in learning some of the basics and embracing a love for practicing letters, the meditative art of brush strokes and a bit of joy for creating signs for everything from parades to protests, displays, for community centres, art schools, public parks, or high streets. No experience is required, just a steady hand and a bit of patience.

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