Wave Decay at Sanctuary

September 2017
Sound and Sculpture Installation
Galloway Forest Park, Sanctuary Lab. Dumfries and Galloway.

Sound and sculptural installation as part of Sanctuary Lab, a 24 hour experimental art event exploring darkness and remoteness. Wave Decay featured a series of six speaker horns and sound piece developed in collaboration with artist Justin K Prim.

Can a temporary artwork be a tool for exploring, or re-examining a site?
Can an artwork retain an essence of the site-specific whilst re-locating?

Wave Decay provides an opportunity to re-examine place through sound, as the everyday sounds are muted and replaced by constant tones that move with the visitor, the sound unique to each pair of ears, moving and waivering discreetly between the sculptures.

Read more about the project online here: SOUND HORN | Wave Decay

This project has been supported by Sanctuary Lab 2017, and the South of Scotland Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards funded by Creative Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Council and Live Borders.

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