Sound Horn: Sonica 2019


November 2019
Sound and Sculpture Installation
Parterre Garden, Pollok House, Glasgow.

Sound Horn is an ongoing project, an immersive sculptural and sound installation, exploring the effect of a created soundscape on our experience of place. For each installation of the horns, the work seeks to re-imagine the space it inhabits, considering and acknowledging the existing sounds of our everyday spaces.

The installation signs, reverberating a tune of it’s own that fills the space and reaches out as it travels. A meditation on the audible place, the subtle changes in tone as audience and sound move around the space are invitations to explore, settle and absorb.

The work sounds from a series of six horns facing skyward. For Sonica Glasgow, the horns sing a cycle of three works created on residency at Cove Park earlier in the year. The original sine tones heard in the first cycle were developed in partnership with artist Justin K Prim.

Sound Horn for Sonica was commissioned by Cryptic Glasgow.

Special thanks to Stuart Macpherson, John Wallace, The Stovies, staff at Pollok House, the National Trust for Scotland, the Cryptic team and volunteers Tanja, Ollie, Rosie and Michael.
All image credits to Kirstin McEwan Photography.

Sonica Glasgow, produced by Cryptic, is an 11 day biennial festival dedicated to world-class visual sonic arts, presenting exceptional international artists alongside emerging UK talent in diverse venues, city-wide.



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