Katie Anderson

Artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice.

Month: July, 2013

And so it grows..







This is an obsession that has been nurtured, growing quietly but instantly through a subconcious layer of my thinking. I see phone boxes everywhere. Forgotten in back streets, over grown and unloved or replicated in all their touristic majesty (most bizarre example so far is ‘Soho Square’ in Sharm, Egypt which has at least half a dozen oversized red phone boxes scattered up and down the street.)


Voices from the Phone Box for EAFS

It has been announced! Image


My phone box has joined the line up for EAFS – the first Environmental Arts Festival in Scotland, taking place across D&G 30th August to 2 September and on into the Autumn. 

Phone Box at Clarencefield Village Latitude 55.00505 Longitude -3.42246

The brochure is out now, and a copy can be gained by sending the festival your details (or if you ask me nicely I may give you one!). There is far too much by way of exciting art, events and so forth around here, so I highly recommend not missing it!

If that weren’t enough I shall also be giving an artist’s talk on the Friday, in Stormont Hall in Gretna, between 4 and 5pm. Please come! 



Summer Show – A little insight



Sneak peak of some of the work in the Town Hall summer exhibition. The electric cups (as I have decided they must be called) are taken from an object lent to me by a Kirkcudbright local following on from my mad gibbering about object collections. There is something lovely about them and their nice shape – finding a whole one has gone on my art-object-finds want list!!

Cannonwalls 2013 – (the tiled floor cast) has been sitting about undetected for a while, I quite like it. And am becoming a bit of a tile pattern freak now I’ve started to notice everyones lovely tiled hallways a bit more (our own included). Latex. Not like I’m copying the lovely Mairi Singleton  and her mad latex obsession, but it does turn out to have it’s uses now I’ve spent the past six months tripping over the tub of it.


The lightbulbs have moved indoors (temporarily). And the greenery has attempted (so far completely unsuccessfully) to move indoors as well. (Show’s been open 7 days and so far one dead tree, potentially one half dead tree). However it’s adding a nice bit of green inbetween the dying stages. I’d had a thought that if it died it could ‘add’ something beautiful until I realised that trees don’t just go from beautiful and green to elegant and bare branched, but rather flail about in a droopy, neglected manner for long periods in the middle which is neither attractive nor conceptually helpful. Sigh.

The show is open 10 til 5 every day, no excuses folks – and I’ll be in one day a week to answer all your questions. I’m far less likely to fall asleep with a bit of gentle persuasion.