Katie Anderson

Artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice.

Month: June, 2013

Summer Exhibition – One week to go!

No time to stand and stare! A couple of days off and then back to the studio, which feels like I’ve barely been there for the past week or so whilst all the Guid Nychburris shenanigans have been kicking off. However, onwards is the theme for me this summer so onwards we head. 
Next off, the WASPS annual summer show in the Lesser Town Hall in Kirkcudbright.


Running from the 29th of June (next Saturday), for six whole weeks to coincide with the main exhibition up the stairs – there’s little excuse not to visit. The walls are up, I’ve even thrown some paint at them in an attempt to present something bordering on respectable – but this is looking like a full on week to get things finished up. 

Back 2 Back – Reflecting

Well we did it – Back 2 Back Dumfries was a hit! 



It was not high art, it wasn’t avant-garde, revolutionary or entirely unique. 


We did engage, provoke responses, open up, share, reach a new audience (if you’re old enough to hold a spray can, you’re old enough to be a stovie?!) We raised awareness, increased involvement, participation, sharing and making.

Spraying the pavement caused people to look, to re-examine; it changed the way passers by moved through they space. It created a break, a momentary pause – a slight change in the everyday. It encouraged our new young army to engage with the space; to interact, invade, explore.

We had huge take up from the younger years – to try something new, different, forbidden. By barricading off sections of the high street, we gave permission for the impermissible. Creation and experimentation ensued. Kids came back, to test, explore, learn.

The final visual impact, the details, were in some way irrelevant in this matter, as the overall visual spectacle took precedence. The stop motion cam witnessed the transformation of space, and the movement of bodies throughout.

But the devil was too, in the detail – for the original youth group, a bunch ranging from 15 to 21 – the designs were their abstract creations, thoughts become tangible. Permanent through stencils, and repeated all across the street.

I guess I’m feeling quite proud about the whole thing. I headed back to the Stove, quietly, calmly on Sunday to begin the mopping and cleaning process now that I have successfully covered the inside in a thin layer of black. Outside I could hear the screams and laughs as children took over the front of our building, re-examining and exploring the new brightly coloured space.

It’s already fading.

The impact remains.



Video to follow – watch this space!

Photoshop related Nightmares



Whilst the rest of the world is outside absorbing sunshine and vitamin D furiously before said sun vanishes into the myths of time for another six months or so… I have been forming a love-hate (but largely hate) relationship with adobe photoshop. 


When a great idea to get young people thinking and making through collage turned into an even cooler idea to get all sorts of people into street art really took off, I naively went with the assumption that the computer would fix it.

I hate computers.

I’m not really a computer person. I am for the real, the tangible, the physical. I look for the tactile quality of things and build a conversation around the physicality of objects. This process has somehow lost all of the above for me, although hopefully with the end result that plenty of others can get appreciate the quick, easy availability with which they can make their very own bit of art. (The quick and easy turning into some kind of sadistic joke in my mind.)

The more the weather is beautiful, the more I dread when it breaks and what will happen next weekend. I could beg for dry weather. 


I am also gagging for some time off, however straight after Guid Nychburris day, preperations really come to a head for the WASPS Summer Show. It runs for six weeks from the end of June, in the lesser town hall. Onwards and Upwards!!

Back to Back Dumfries – High Street Take Over



Next project!

Back to Back Dumfries. In an attempt to gather all possible street cred points this Guid Nychburris day, I’m leading the Stovie cavalcade out onto the High Street in the manner of cool artist types. Don’t let that put you off though, this is mass participation mixing with art – YES the Youth Enquiry Service are joining our ranks to provide some of the inspiration and aspiration as we map a future for Dumfries. This will be visionary and colourful!

Stencils and spray chalk (!) at the ready – may it continues on!!!! 

Do come along – it’ll be good fun.

Erasing photographs/Erasing memories

So now that I feel pretty fried from last weeks hectic marathon of a weekend, I’ve sort of trailed about this week generally avoiding meaningful interaction with my studio in favour of going out with my horse, sitting in the sun, eating quiche (!) and catching up with family.

However, can’t keep this up for long – the next round of deadlines are looming over the hill!

In a bid to kick-start myself out of the doldrums I’ve started to muck about with some photographs (whilst also thinking about my collage to stencil design workshop next week).

Down with photoshop! 





I’m enjoying the notion that the building is being gradually eroded, both physically and in memory. As the building is reclaimed by nature and slumps into the earth, so the memories are erased. We often remember insignificant bits and pieces, but the place as a whole is being lost to history. *ramble