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Artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice.

Month: May, 2013

phonebox map copy

I’m on the hunt for phone boxes. This is a somewhat ongoing mapping project… with an exciting project to follow! There are a few gaps to fill in on my map… watch this space…

Spring Fling – What Happened!?

What an amazing, crazy, intense, beautiful, sunny, wet, exhilarating, exhausting, curious, interesting, enlightening weekend!

Recovery from Spring Fling will be gradual I suspect.

Folk started to arrive before 10am on the Saturday, and the flow could not be stemmed until 5.30, Monday evening when the last few of more than 800 visitors arrived damp and/or dripping – our mini summer would never have lasted all three days!

I chatted, talked, explained and began again solidly, learned to balance in the corner as my studio reached full capacity (at a push nearly 8 or 9 people can squeeze into my tiny space!), and how best to bribe small children with cakes. I met countless interesting people, spoke for hours about Phone Boxes.

Something strange happened when I parted with works which I have since realised I was actually very attached to and possibly now regret letting go so easily – and has made apparent the need for me to increase my collection now that I have lost some of my treasured pieces. The heirloom cup has gone to a new home – for better or worse – strange how attachement can build to even ‘decoy’ artefacts… New opportunities may have arisen, so the follow up for Spring Fling includes the beginnings of an e-mail chase.

I didn’t know what to expect entering into it, and now a period of stillness is required before I can properly evaluate what happened… I am now filled with desire to un-tidy my studio!







It has been said that I need to learn how to photograph my work… to look as much as the works are – this is my next mission!

Mad World/Mad Week

I’ll be honest – blogging has fallen down my list of priorities this week.

But exciting things are afoot. 

Spring Fling preperations are really starting to come together (somewhat suddenly, and miraculously all things considered – although that maybe a dangerous assumption to make given that the new last round of golf balls are still in the kiln… However I’ve already decided I can live without them if needs be….

So regardless of your plans for this weekend, make sure you have slotted in some time to visit me and various other Artist’s who open their doors for this year’s open studio events. Paula McQuiston is a natural place to stop at in Annan –

Here follows a snippet of our recently recorded conversation for the SF blog: 

hat would be the future development of your work and its relation to the region?

Katie:             I find more and more that the kind of work I make is really influenced by the context of where it is put, so I make a golf ball in glass or in ice, but it is not anything until it finds a place to be sited in.

And when the relationship between site and object comes into play something more exciting and interesting happens.

Paula:              Definitely.

Katie:              So, I’ve started to explore sites a lot more in terms of my work as a context for the other elements, and I think that that becomes a much more immersive experience for me.

Paula:              I think working in Dumfries & Galloway lets you use site a lot more as well. From being based in Carlisle for the last three years.

Katie:              One of the things I noticed when I started at WASPS was that almost for everyone, you can see the influences locally of where their work is coming out. When I was driving on the A75 and I looked across and saw pretty much a painting that I’d seen the other week. Or I was driving somewhere else, and you start to notice the shapes and the colours and the tones, almost for everyone who is here, the environment inadvertently effects the kind of work that they make. So I suspect it will seep in gradually.

Paula:              I am hoping that it will for me too. And after Spring Fling is finished, my work on maternal interruption would have come to–

Katie:              Would have come to the culmination point.

Paula:              It’s a culmination point for this topic, and I really want to start exploring more within the region, doing more site specific work. And within Dumfries & Galloway, because it’s such a beautiful environment to work within, rather than being in cities that – you could be in any city.

Katie:              Yes, cities are great, they’ve got a lots of personality and character and the rest of that, but I don’t find that they work at the pace where I can still make work. I need that kind of easing off…”

Want more???

We can talk all day!

When I’m not running around mad, headless chicken style – I’ve been hanging out with YES (Youth Enquiry Service for those of you less in the know) to discuss a new project heading to Dumfries very soon – Watch This Space!!! 

A weekend in Creetown….

Last weekend in Creetown – was fairly intense to say the least.


Friday was at the primary school. Bellows pumping, a sensation, a noise almost like rowing a creaking, wooden vessel. It was satisfactorily meditative, a repetitive movement, matching response from the charcoal furnace. Pewter ran through the afternoon, and cuttlefish were opened to reveal shiny, instant artworks, created by Creetown’s most talented bunch.

Saturday may have started off at what felt like a reasonable pace, but as the tension built and as time gathered speed – when at just past six o’clock, the mobile foundry began to perform what felt like a series of near – ritualistic moves and finally, our bell was poured.

There was silence, and for a short period it seemed that everything but the movements of Roddy and Kevin paused. The fleeting moment as the bronze emerged for the furnace, was set in, clamped lifted, poured – was both endless and instantaneous.

We retreated to the Ellangowan, and I sank gradually deeper into the furniture. Something like kiln formed glass in the slumping stage….

Sunday arrived. Misty, damp, as if the weather muffled the senses. The same wee crowd drifted down the street, as the mould was hammered away – revealing an object that feels already placed within the old blacksmith’s in Creetown. It clanged pleasingly, authentically – before being packed away to be re-tuned. The bell will return to the town shortly, chiming to a note of it’s own.


I have no idea what I am talking about in this picture….

Spring Fling – It’s Coming!

I have been warned, periodically, about the stress of Spring Fling. 

We have – six days left.

I may have stopped sleeping properly about two weeks ago.

Theoretically I can still get it all done in time. Theoretically.


Panicking. Me? Surely not.

The lovely Paula and I interviewed each other for the Spring Fling blog this week. It was the first opportunity in a while to talk about my work. Clearly I have a lot of work to do before next weekend!

The taster exhibition landed in Annan this week, and took off on Friday night with something of a bang. But who knew that it would be opened bang on six o’clock?! I always assumed art openings were kind of gradual things, artistic types being fashionably late… that’s not just me right?!


Never mind, it was a nice evening – and nobody looked at me like I was too much of a nutter when I gestured towards the glass golf ball in the cabinet in response to questioning!

For those of you less aware – Spring Fling arrives – regardless of whether I am ready or not!! – next weekend, 25th to the 27th of May, head to the Spring Fling website for all the details http://www.spring-fling.co.uk/artists/katie-anderson find me on the purple route, at studio 31! 

wild bells flyer

Cancel your plans! Creetown is (officially) the place to be next Saturday. My alter-blogger-ego (thecommonty.blogspot.com and ferrythorn.blogspot.com) has been busy madly promoting the large gathering of folks to witness what is a bit of a one off, it’s not everyday we cast a new bronze bell for the village after all! For anyone who has not […]