Katie Anderson

Artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice.

Month: October, 2012

Site specific Casting

Site specific Casting

Not sand castles, but another casting attempt down on Powfoot shore. More to follow, the scale needs to go up a gear yet, so hopefully the next attempt will be early this week. Although the slight downside has been the mildly minty dentist smell that now inhabits my studio.

At last I have managed to find some lost golf balls – not just one but five in two days, after a week of fruitless hunting. They are rolling about, in the back of the car boot, in pockets, in the studio… TS Eliot’s Choruses From the Rock is still on my mind, although less religion focused than many of the works following.

In 6 weeks time, my studio will be open for the weekend. It’s the necessary boost – a deadline – that I need; the push, and focus to complete all the half finished ideas I have sitting on various back burners.

Photo Title

Photo Title

I don’t feel this photograph needs a title, however, I hint of progress glints on the horizon… this may be a sign of things to come

Art Workshops

Art Workshops

I find myself holding arts workshops for children on alternate Saturdays – sharing interests and (hopefully) inspiring creative activity in young children. Aside from being mildly nerve wreaking, messy and involving a lot of glitter and sparkly bits – the unexpected positives from these workshops are the alternative view on my own practice. Our last session, using nature to make decorative surfaces and collages – think leaves, pressed flowers and seeds – the remains found their way back to my studio, new casting experiments are in early stages.
Communicating, sharing, exciting, learning (this happens on both sides).
The next one is on the 27th October, and they continue on every second Saturday until Christmas at Drummuir Ice Cream Parlour, Dumfries – for under tens. Contact me for details!


Plaster Casting

‘a thousand lost golf balls’

For five or more days now, I have been watching the geese migrate.

At near enough 6.15 everyday over Powfoot – geese have passed over in noisy waves.

With the passing of the geese so too have arrived the frosts and cold mornings – trips are being made out to collect things.

My studio is full of conkers, acorns, and various seed pods – gathered, hoarded, cast, and a growing number of ‘copies’. Concrete is becoming a material of choice, contrasted with whiteness – the kiln has had a new plug fitted and is now ready to go, just as soon as my moulds dry out and my objects are ready! Ceramic fir cones are due to join the others. I feel somewhat like a creature stock-piling for the winter, collecting moulds to see me through the winter!

The notion of shrines are once again taking a notion within my work, miniature-wall-mountable-installations, enclosing, boxing in, containing.

‘And the wind shall say: “Here were a decent godless people,

Their only monument the asphalt road

And a thousand lost golf balls.” ‘

(From T.S. Eliot’s Choruses from the Rock, Part III 1934).

I was sent this a while ago and find that it has, for one reason or another stuck just a little. It seems like it might resonate a little with some of my work and am considering a piece based on the short section. Not having read the rest of the piece, I like the abstract-ness of this, although that may be lost in finally reading the whole thing. I think golf balls will be next on my casting list…