Katie Anderson

Artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice.

Month: August, 2012


D&G feels as a living, breathing, constantly moving artistic body – there is a sense of creative vitality, as if the air were purer, deeper than in other places – as if residents were moved and inspired by their surroundings. Much of the work here seeps essence of the rural, natural base that surrounds everyday living here. At the Spring Fling talks, artists spoke of a different time-frame, a different speed of living that allowed the work to naturally unfold. This is, indeed, greatly romanticised and no-one made mention of long car journeys to get anywhere and starting to feel like a regular in Homebase looking for cheap materials… 

It does feel somehow to be out on a limb, as it were, Glasgow is not a million miles away but indeed feels very disconnected from the goings on here. A trip this week to Tramway to look into the work of Niall Macdonald was a fruitful one. The exhibition Opal-Logo Palm is an exploration of beautiful cast objects, everyday artefacts calling out to be examined and re-considered. He spoke of ‘sampling’ culture in his short talk on the work and the conceived relationship to the neighbouring exhibition Yannis Kounellis, was palpable.

The train journey home prompted a detour to a late night studio session as finally sense seemed to be made of my works direction. Finally some sense of material success is being had, although my mould making is somewhat out of practice after a summer of laziness – the goal for this week is to get ahead and up the pace.


'Tate Kirkcudbright's Sixth Plinth

In case there was any doubt as to Kirkcudbright’s contemporary art awareness – here stands the Sixth Plinth in homage to Anthony Gormley, for the duration of Kirkcudbright’s Summer Art Season!

Settling Time

So this week has been one with a sense of progress (at last!!) My beautiful new piece of kit – a melting pot, has arrived – meaning I can finally get a shift on with some mould making…


My project for the week has been in preparation for an arts and crafts workshop at Drummuir Ice Cream Farm’s (near Dumfries) 21st Birthday celebrations on the 2nd of September. Casting plaster cows, to be painted by any interested children – or so goes the plan at the moment! So it may not be quite high art, but good practice to get back into mould making.. I’ve got 15 so far – so should have them all done in time for the 2nd! 

On my art trail of the beautiful D&G, this weeks visit was to the Mill on the Fleet exhibition centre, and Denise Zygadlo‘s exhibition Involutus Memet (http://www.millonthefleet.co.uk/index.php/exhibitions/programme/26-denise-zygadlo). Having never been to the space before, it is an attic space of rafters and a nice light. Hidden through a maze of towering, teetering bookshelves – Zygadlo’s exhibition is a haunting, slightly uncanny installation of screen printed photocopies of the body on translucent hangings. There is a beauty in the making of her work, but on closer inspection the subject somewhat unsettling. No pictures sadly, been playing about with my new Diana+ medium format camera, so going to have to wait til they get developed!


Glenkiln Sculpture Park

The resulting find of a long hunt along windy roads, a hidden Henry Moore Sculpture sharing a field with some mildly amused cows (who legged it on sight of me clambering up the hill)


Kirkcudbright Studio - Week One

Starting to get organised and settled in to making work after a month or so’s break since the chaos of Degree Show in Carlisle – may take a couple of weeks for it to feel properly like home, but it’s getting there!


Cannonwalls & Claverhouse WASPS Studios - Kirkcudbright

Home to my studio for the next 12 months!!

Greetings from Kirkcudbright!

This will hopefully be a bit of a progress report, for my new studio space for the 12 months. Situated in Dumfries and Galloway’s artist town of Kirkcudbright, this is a spot for updates on my works progress and explorations into the art-ier side of D&G! Shifting into the world beyond uni, this is a challenge to my practice and an opportunity to develop new work in relation to new surroundings. The picturesque rural nature of D&G leaves plenty of possibility for artists in abundance, and indeed they are – as popular annual events like Spring Fling and the annual Arts Festival suggest.

On the way home I went on a hunt for the illusive sculptures at Glenkiln, I’d be honest and say I spent about three-quarters of the time lost, but did manage to bump into a couple of pieces – pictured here (I’m pretty sure anyways) is a Henry Moore, though the title of which I don’t know – did have to chase the cows off it a bit to see and scramble up the hill but quite worth it. However, it was possibly the worst signposted place ever – so will have to go back some other times equipped with various maps and things to try my luck next time.